How to Make Money from Blog in 10+ Ways? A Complete Guide

Make Money Blogging Guide 

How to Make Money from Blog in 10+ Ways? A Complete Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Make Money from Blogging

Want to make money while blogging? You came to the right place if you wondered how to make money from blogging. Here we will discover different ways to do that and as a part-time blogger I will explain how to bloggers make money. By the way, I don’t have team and I work part time (but my wife does some different simple task and since my marriage and me and my wife celebrated our 1st anniversary in 18th March, 2017. I learn a lot of research work related things as she is doing M.Phil. in Nutrition and doing her thesis). Means you don’t have to open a company and must be a big blogger to earn money from blogging.

Main steps to make money from Blogging

Whether you are a expert blogger or a beginner there are few simple steps to make money from your blog which are as follows:
1.Start a Blog
2.Create a Handful Content
3. Built Relationship with Others on Different Platforms
4.Create a Strong and Better Platform
5.Choose Income Streams
Now let’s discuss each and every steps thoroughly

1.Start a Blog

You must have a blog if you want to make money from blogging. It’s clear, if you don’t have then you are wasting your time go and get it. There is a common question that is Can I start a Blog for free and make money? The answer for this question is “yes”. However, I’m against it. The reason is that this can be risky specially if you want to make money from blogging. Secondly, you don’t have a full control over your blog when you use free blogging services.

2.Create a Handful Content

Write useful content, once you have a blog. According to your expertise and experience. Write quality articles and blog post on your selected niche. Make your content perfect. You must have visitor in order to make money. But in order to have visitor you must quality content. You should blog about solving a problem, relieve a fear, teach something new or entertain.

3.Built Relationship with others on Different Platforms

While creating quality content, at a same time build genuine relationship with others on social media and other web platforms. Other than active on different platforms here are different other ideas: participate on facebook, do comments on other blogs, active participate on different forums, reach out other people and tweet them on your niche.

4.Create a Strong and Better Platforms

Craft your content in order to produce your content become deep and valuable while keep growing your knowledge, get exposure, build authority, gain trust and be helpful.

5.Choose Income Streams

Once you start a new blog, create handful content, built relationship, create strong and better platform you can start thinking about ways to get different income streams.
Things you must know before started to Make Money form Blogging

* Many Bloggers thinks how to make money from blogging does not make money from their blogs directly. A Blog is converted into a platform. After gaining trustworthiness many bloggers used their blog to launch their different products and services to earn money e.g. books, ebooks, softwares, ecourses etc.

* Makes money takes Time, Creativity and lot of Hustle if you want to make money from blogging but it’s fantastic.

* The Beauty of make money from blogging is that there is no “right way” to earn money means each blogger has his own way of earning money and his own income streams. Possibilities are endless. Find a way that works for you or make a way for your self.

* Make Money from blogging or income stream flows, so successful blogging keeps exploring new ways of making money from blogs. They have different ways of getting income streams even they small portions of income stream can be added to stream coming form different sources.

* Let it happened organically is the best way to get monetizing the blog. You must blog about you enjoys or love. Make money or monetize as you grow which suites you and your audience.

Ways of Make Money Used by Bloggers

Following is list of income stream used by bloggers:
* Advertising
* Affiliate Marketing
* Digital Products
* Physical Products
* Services


Unlike other methods Advertising the only ways to generating income directly from your blogs.

Display Ads

Like billboards or ads in a magazine Display Ads are graphics and images. Sometimes they are known as banner ads. Typically, they are positioned on sidebars, header, footer, before and after the contents.
Ads are complimentary in your site or blog, making blogs more attractive and beautiful for visitors. Advertisers buy ad space on blog in order to make visitor click on images and visit and purchase products and services they provide.
Display ads can be provided with different ad networks. Ad Networks are the companies those which acts as a middle man between Advertisers and Publishers or Bloggers and connects both of them and negotiating partnership between these two. Ad Networks takes margins of profit of Publishers. These Ad Networks are attractive for bloggers who takes hassle out of ad display.
Some ad networks are easy to get into and easy to setup like Google Adsense. It is a most popular and most profit giving ad network available on the internet. Example of other ad networks are GoogleAdsense, Blogads, BlogHer, Beacon Ads, Federated Media, Sovrn, Media.Net, Rivit and Sway. There are many more. Once you involved into the blogging community, you will hear others also.

Google Adsense

There is a popular question that can you really make money from google adsense. Google Adsense is the popular ad network. No doubt, you have seen Adsense ads while surfing the net.
Adsense come in different shapes and form, there are images or text or sometimes combination of both text and images ads. These ads are shown on sidebars, headers, footers and before and after content or any other place you want to place.
However, if you want to make good amount of money through google adsense you have a lot of advertisers which pays a lot of money on your niche or you must have a lot of traffic on your blogs as a beginner.
I don’t recommend Google Adsense for Beginners.


* To apply for Google Adsense or other ad networks by going to their sites.

* Sites like Beacon ads and Federated Media are suitable for you if you want to an idea about pricing and traffic about popular blogs or sites.

* If you are using CPC or PPC (Cost per Click or Pay Per Click) ads then checkout google recommendations for ad placement. Google has indicated that ads above the fold may get panelize.

* Do Experiments for finding best place for ads for the right combination for your site

Private Ads

Private ads are also come in the form of text and images. You can place these ads on sidebars, footers, headers and any place you want. These are unique as there is no middleman and without ad networks. Partnership are conducted directly between advertisers and publishers or blogger and small companies.

Be clear on the contact between advertisers and publishers. Initial contract can be made by blogger or advertisers. Not sure how much to be charged on the ads monthly bases. Look other sites on your niche to find what is an average charges. You can find this on other advertising pages.
Don’t just make advertising page and expected to advertisers to come. Find blogs or companies on your niche or find them on other blogs and contact them and make a pitch.

Tip for Private Advertisements:

If you have sidebars keep them full. Instead of displaying blank box with [Advertise Here] keep it full with affiliate marketing images. “[Blank ad spots] scream, ‘My advertising space isn’t valuable enough for people to want to buy so I instead have this big blank box!’”, said by Crystal Paine.

Giveaways and Reviews

If you read blogs and while surfing, you should be coming across a review or giveaways. A company supplies products to the bloggers or give away to the readers.Some bloggers charges to run a giveaway in order to get free products to keep for themselves. There vary opinions on whether we should compensate with giveaway or not.

It is depending on whether the product is for marketing purpose or advertising purpose. Companies use marketing to spread words about their products or services.With advertising, a company makes a deal with third party to spread words about their products. Companies aspects to pay for advertising.

For example, company give free t-shirt with their logo on it for the advertisement of their products.
I think that giveaway on the blogs are fall on the category of advertising. Company may give to product to use, they also asking you to provide them a service. After all, you are spending your precious time for them.

If you will get with your partnership with except of free products, then this service is compensated in my opinion


* Products you receive for free should properly be mentioned as your income for better records and these are the products you want to pay taxes on later.

* This is your blog. Don’t afraid to negotiate. Not need to just take what you receive for first round. Ask them for better offers.

* If you don’t want to do a review for a company, ask them to if they like to buy ads space instead. Mention that they can still get spot in front of visitors or readers.

Newsletter/Podcast Sponsorship

Just as you would on your blogs If you have a podcast or a newsletter you can accept advertisings and tell them how they would benefit from advertising with you and pitch your idea.
Sponsored Posts

Writing sponsored posts mean working with any company and writing post on their products and services. Be upfront and disclosure your relations with readers. To not to do turnoff your readers keep sponsored posts to the minimum.
If you read posts you probably seen sponsored posts. They can be spotted by something like this, “This post is sponsored by [company] but all opinions are mine”.

Underwritten Posts or Series 

Underwritten Posts are differing from Sponsored posts in which we provide content about whatever we want to it as opposing to their products and services, but advertisers pay to get “Brought to you by.” type note on the post
Anticipate the post you will get a lot of response, and pitch companies with an underwritten spot.

Advertising Takeaways

Advertising Pros

* Easy to setup and maintain
* To get readers used to ads on your site before you gain higher earning ads
* Advertising is indeed useful to select bloggers
Advertising Cons
* Mobile users, popup ads remover and streamline browsers often remove ads from the websites.
* Good advertising revenue depends on very high traffic or a niche which have highly paying keywords
* Advertising rates have been declined over last years
* Sites look spammy and cluttered if we use lot of ads
* Ads make your user click away from your blogs
* Many readers have made ad blindness
Advertising Advice
* Be patient. Wait for the right opportunity that would not make you compromise.
* Make sure your advertisers are in line with your values.

Affiliate Marketing

You Promote someone else’s product and services on you Blog Post or elsewhere. You use unique affiliate link to different products and services of different companies in order to earn money. When, someone click on the link and make purchase or complete a desire action required by company you will receive a commission on it. In my opinion this way is most better and highly paid option in order to make money from blog.

Digital Products


You can sell audios and video to be used as intros and outros.

Apps, Plugins and Themes

If you are a coder or designer, then you can also code wordpress plugins and design a theme and offer these to your visitors. You can also develop your different smart phone iOS and Android app and sell them on app stores.


You can also collect and buy different collections of domain and sell to earn profit in affordable prices


You Wouldn’t do big thing at a first around. You can do many type of things with this type of digital products. Test by holding a small and local events.
Grow bigger as you learn a lot and figure out what works and what don’t.
Simply pick that subject or niche the other people want to learn and you are good at and teach it to them. Do it once or twice to refine your presentation skills after that charging a small price while teaching to those who want to take your class.


Many, many bloggers have written ebooks. I don’t think that from ebooks we can earn money as we could earn bloggers did a few last years ago, but with decent and compelling topics it can be good option.
On the other hand, there are many authors making money selling their books on amazon and making decent amount of money. They key is to write multiple amount of ebooks, not just one. One benefit to write ebooks and participating in generating bundles of ebooks to earn quite a bit of money.

Premium Content and Membership Communities

VIP Premium content is what it is said about content that others must pay to access. This is not a new concept but it is becoming more and more common day by day. There is free information all over the internet. You can get free information on any topic you like on the internet, so in order work this thing, you must have to provide a unique information which is not available free or hard to get on the internet, some sort of “insider information” special access to services or expertise that go above and beyond the norms.


Are you a photographer or an illustrator? Why not you sell photos on sites.

Selling Blogs & Websites

Many bloggers sell their websites and blog to get 4,5,6 or even 7 figure sum profit.
There is a thing called flipping websites in which you create blogs, grow it and then sell it for profit. Our flip your sites with other web masters. There is a site specially for this is called Flippa.

Physical Products


Blog help bloggers to sell their books for both self -published or traditional published. Traditional publishers will not typically consider your manuscript if don’t have a blog first.

If you are a self-published or traditional published author your blog will help you to sell your books.

Conferences, Classes or Special Events

I considered hosting event like a conferences are a “physical product” since it involves an exchange of something tangible i.e. exchange of ticket with money and it happens in real life as opposed to online classes. You can do bigger events like seminars, workshops and conferences.
In your niche or topic, it’s likely to have large and established conferences already. So, try to narrow down your topic in order to target more specific audiences.
 Of course the way you will earn money is to charge a fee to attend or partner with sponsors in order to cover your cost.

Handmade products

If you are crafty and consider to sell it to Esty or Handmade at Amazon. It’s simple to get started to setup your own shop for free but it’s not simple to stand up from the crowd, so this will be your biggest challenge.

Manufactured Products

You can also sell manufactured products in order to sell it on your blog or your newsletter to promote it.
That’s great if you produced your own product. But, if you don’t know how to produce your own product then you can sell someone else’s on your shop.


This option is like freelancing. If you have  skill then why not you offer your services via your blogs. It does not have to be a computer related. Think off about already gained skill and use them on internet
* Administrative Assistant
* App Developer
* Audio/ Video Editor
* Couch
* Personal Assistant
* Consultant
* Counselor
* Digital Freelancer
* Photo Editor
* Project Manager
* Social Media Manager
* Software Writer
* Speaker
* Trainer
* Transcriptionist
* Tutor
* Web Builder
* Web Developer
* Writer
Selling services are great because the start up cost are too low. The problem is that services are not scalable. In other words, your business depends on how much time you have.
*  Take active participation in different forums, comments and different social media platform in order to get authority and become expert.

Last Words

You should know that there are no magic bullets. What works for one-person not necessarily work for another person. Take the time to think through what might work for you.
Since my childhood I’m inspired and motivated by my father Rahmat Ullah Malik and I’m Grow up in the streets of Beautiful City of Lahore and I’m used to Computer since 1988 when I was 4 years old when my father brought me a IBM PC from Singapore.

Its nice feeling when you have been called as a Computer Guru or Geek since childhood. I remembered childhood and teenage days from which huge amount my time devoted to surfing the net and my passion and hobby was hacking.

I have never though of making my own site I don’t know why? As well as my professional career since the age of 8 when I went to my father’s office daily after school times. My father is a lawyer.

In 1992 he invented a new system of law record and retrieval of law and with many hardworking he had developed Pakistan’s Law Library Software with advanced searching facility. And by the grace of Allah he has more than 1000 clients of public and private sectors nationwide.

I have done a lot of project for my Father since then specially in Security field, design couple of websites, develop different software and SEO and marketing stuffs.

You can also find my first blog post about my journey at click here.
Take care of yourself, your family and your friends.


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