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One of the best thing you can do for your online business or blog is to build a quality email list. There are many email marketing services available in the marketing. Some them are seen for decades but are only few years old. Each have its own pros and cons and None of them are perfect for every business.

This article is not in-depth review of each and every email services or tell you about their all features they provide but rather provides some points what I think about different email services in order to choose one of them according to your requirements. This article will help you on your own research on different email services. I will tell you which one I Like and Which one don’t like. But final decision is yours.

Some Email Marketing Services Available in the Market but I Don’t Talk about Them

In This Article I won’t speak about every email services available in the market but if you would like, you can check out these email services listed below:

1Pointe Mail, Benchmark EmailBombBombCampaigner, Campayn, Constant ContactEmail BrainGraphic Mail, iContactMailer LiteMailGen, MPZ Mail,  Pinpointe, Real Magnet, Send in BlueSendloopSendPulseStream Send, Vero, Vertical ResponseZoho Campaigns.

Some are for physical products and some are for enterprise level companies. And some are out of my price range. So I’ve never seriously looked into these services. If you are interested, you can check each and every services find a perfect service among them which is good for you.

Some Email Marketing Services Available in the Market I’ve Checked but can’t Comment Broadly

I considered the following email services as strong contenders for online marketing need of bloggers and online marketing owners. I will explain them one sentences because I’m not familiar with these services.

I recommended check out these email services and see may be they are fit on your business needs.

  • Campaign Monitor. Features includes a beautiful drag and drop email creator and simple email marketing with limited features.
  • Drip. Recently released a visual automation builder simple feature with an emphasis on SAAS apps.
  • Emma. Limited automation but powerful analytics and a steep proce
  • Get Response. Simple Email marketing servcies solution with a form and landing page builder.
  • Ontraport. Marketing platform with features like eCommerce, marketing automation, landing page creator, and CRM.
  • Mad Mimi. Affordable email marketing with a feminine look and feel.

Some Email Marketing Services Consider in this Review

In this article I want to discuss the email services that makes more sense to bloggers and other online business owners. Following are the best email marketing services. Active CampaignAutopilotAweber, ConvertKitInfusionsoft, and MailChimp.


As you read overview of different email marketing services. It will help you to consider on these email services marketing services to paying attention.

  • Affordable price with variety of different list sizes
  • No matter how many subscribers in the list not counting the same subscriber twice
  • Can easily create custom email sequences and funnels
  • Modern and easy to use interface
  • Different Styles of forms and landing pages
  • Integrates with the popular list building wordpress plugins (SumoMe, OptinMonster, Pop Ally)
  • Integrates with popular landing pages builders (Instapage, Leadpages)
  • Integrates with Zapier

Some of considerations may not important for you It don’t matter it’s ok. My solution is not better solution for you.

The Best Email Marketing Platforms for Bloggers

My recommendation is based on the needs of the blogger who are selling or planning to sell digital products. Here is my need based recommendation


1.Mailchimp – Best free Option for Beginner

Mailchimp has appealing the completely free account upto 2,000 subscribers. Sign up for Mailchimp if you are a new blogger and use the free enew extended wordpress plugin to gather subscribers, and you’ll up and running Mailchimp as a wonderful composer and this would be fantastic free setup to send out a weekly newsletter or RSS Campaign to notify your subscribers on new blog posts.

Free Mailchimp account don’t includes customer support or automation features available in paid account

If passed the 2000 subscriber limits Mailchimp will reasonable priced.

2.Convertkit – My Top Recommendation for most Bloggers

90% of bloggers would get benefit from switching their email marketing services to Convertkit. Its initial plan starts with $29/month and there no free option. So that may rule out for absolute beginner and well as that may rule out for advanced marketers. For anyone in between, there is no better than convertkit.

It was a creator and CEO of Convertkit, was blogging and selling digital prodcuts e.g. ebooks or ecourse long before he created Convertkit. He was frustrated with the email marketing services available in the market or industry (MailChimp, Aweber). It was difficult to setting up email series and use without paying double or triple for one can clearly see that convertkit is built with whose frustaration in mind.

ConvertKit is my top remcommendation for 90% of bloggers


3.Automation – Best Advanced Marketing Automation Service for Non-Lead Pages Users

Automation is the advanced marketing automation services. Unlike convertkit (the site activity based segmentation) automation is a true marketing automation services. You install a bit of code on your site so you can track visitors who goes to one page or another page.

For example, you may have a promotion for a new course with a landing page. With automation you can segment out the portion of your list who has not viewed the other landing page and automatically sends them email reminder.

That’s just an example of advanced activity based segmentation.

If you are interested with advanced segmentation and automation, then consider automation.


4.Active Campaign – Best Advanced Marketing Automation Service for Lead Pages Users

Active Campaign is favorite of advanced marketer who don’t deals with Infusionsoft on price bases That popularity has advantages (integrations) that Autopilot doesn’t enjoy yet, but for a similar feature set it seems harder to use than Autopilot. If I was a Lead Pages base customer, then I should select Active Campaign.


Bonus Email Services: Aweber

Like MailChimp, Aweber is also one of the best and biggest email marketing service available for blogger in the online industry. Many bloggers and use and recommend Aweber.

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